A new kind of business

With a combination of mobile technology, specially designed robots, software and a WMS system, we aim to make warehouse faster, smarter and more cost-efficient.

The Self-Learning Robotic Warehouse

Robotic Warehouse Union Robots is advanced solution for manegement almost for any warehouses from 50 sq. m. Our robotic warehouse complex will launch a new era of instant, unscheduled set of goods as well as significantly lower the costs of warehouse's management.

Boxes and goods are picked up at the warehouse or stores, at the time that the employee creates an order in the a mobile app. It takes from 5 to 30 minutes for the shipment to the entire journey. The whole process can be monitored on a smartphone.

Safe and Secure

Entrance to warehouse is prohibited for people. Inherently complex is safe and cause no inconvenience.

For security, the robotic warehouse is locked throughout the entire operation and can be opened only at a complete stop. Processes and the status of the warehouse are tracked, so you know exactly the condition of your warehouse, goods and the time of completion.

Savings Everywhere

The robotic complex is efficient and can be used for a large variety of tasks. In comparison to more traditional warehouse solutions, things such as spices can be typed by a single-piece set product and without defects. Imagine if you could dial small-piece goods and still make a profit.

Reliable and Clean

Thanks to our unique technology, robotic warehousing system is highly efficient. You will always be up to date on the status of your warehouse, set of goods without human problems enabling you to save time and reduce costs.

Because of minimal emissions and energy efficiency, our system is incredibly clean and incredibly green. It’s both good for the planet and for your business.